About Us

Our Story

Cactus Communications was founded in 2002 with the singular aim of helping authors get published irrespective of the language they spoke. As we explored new avenues focussed on addressing the challenges associated with the dissemination of research, it became apparent that pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies – the life sciences industry – required unique solutions and expertise to help communicate their complex research to a diverse range of stakeholders. Cactus Life Sciences was set up in 2010 to meet the needs of these industries at both the global and regional level.

Today, Cactus Life Sciences is a well-known agency that excels in offering innovative, strategic solutions to clients who are witnessing a rapidly changing landscape.

Our Vision

We aim to revolutionize the way the life sciences industry communicates with its stakeholders so that we can accelerate the dissemination of science. We do this by leveraging our scientific acumen, cutting-edge creative and digital solutions, advanced technology, and transformational operational models.

  • Voice of science
  • Innovation in technology
  • Global audience
  • Impact on everyday life

Our Team

  • Scientific experts: medical directors and writers with advanced degrees (MDs, PhDs), industry certifications (CMPP, BELS), extensive expertise across therapeutic areas, and in-depth understanding of stakeholder preferences
  • Operations team: account and project management professionals experienced in understanding client needs and challenges and translating those into impactful and efficient solutions
  • Digital and technology team: experts with a keen understanding of the latest outreach platforms and trends, and how innovative tech solutions can be contextualized and customized for the pharma, biotech, and medical device landscape


Anurag Goel

Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Focus: Envisioning a future driven by technology-led innovation

Elvira D’souza

President, Cactus Life Sciences

Focus: Crafting strategies to reimagine traditional communication and dissemination workflows and creating fit-for-future business models

Shyam Dattani

Vice President, Business Development

Focus: Designing solutions, new business models, and workflows to address client challenges and unmet needs

Asheena Munjal

Vice President, Global Account Management

Focus: Partnering with key accounts to transform dissemination across a range of increasingly digital touchpoints

Sandeep Kamat

Vice President, Medical Affairs

Focus: Building best-in-breed global delivery teams that can consistently exceed stakeholder expectations

Hosie Bhathena

Associate Vice President, Medical Affairs

Specialization: Scientific Communication and Medical Information
Focus: Leading strategy and contextualizing tech-led innovations to address stakeholder needs

Shama Buch

Associate Vice President, Medical Affairs

Specialization: Strategic Publications
Focus: Leading content strategy and dissemination and driving implementation of innovative and efficiency-focused solutions

Nishchay Shah

Chief Technology Officer and Head of Cactus Labs

Focus: Driving business growth through tech innovation

Jacob Goldberg

Senior Account Manager

Business development and client services for the medical device solutions team

Beverly Haley

Director, Publications

Passionate about publications and an expert at managing client requests

Michelle Trussell

Associate Account Director

Growing accounts by fostering client relationships

Nicole Scoopo

Account Manager

Managing stakeholder expectations and ensuring all projects are on track and within budgets

Russell Freedman

Account Manager

Delighting clients through process and project management expertise

Steven Lang

Account Director

Partnering with clients on planning and execution of medical communication strategy

Tyrone Mann-Barnes

Senior Account Manager

Exceptional client partner on strategic projects

Yumi Loi

Business Development

Designing customized solutions for regional challenges

Natalie Johnson

Global Publications Manager

Planning and execution of medical publication activities

Haruko Isomura

Account Director

Partnering with clients to apply global best practices at the regional level

Shoko Yuki

Key Account Manager

Delighting stakeholders through exceptional customer service

Laura Trout

PhD, Medical Director

Strategy for data dissemination via digital channels

Robert Mikan

MD, Medical Director

Development, expansion, and medical activities of the medical device solutions team

Nicola West

BSc, Medical Director

Publication strategy and tactics

Frances Gambling

Medical Director

Publication strategy and tactics

Juliane Moloney

Publication strategy and tactics