Digital and
Creative Solutions

Digital and creative solutions by Cactus Life Sciences
Adopt latest digital and creative solutions for increased medical engagement

Adopt the latest innovative and engaging digital formats to personalize data dissemination and increase medical engagement.

Being at the frontline of cutting-edge research is no longer enough. With scientific communication being propelled into the digital age, information in the life sciences needs to be customized and disseminated through various formats to keep up with the different ways in which stakeholders access and consume information. We help our clients use digital innovation and transform how medical content is developed and disseminated. Our solutions also aim to increase engagement with various stakeholders and glean insights that can ultimately be used to drive outcomes. We collaborate very closely with in-house teams specializing in digital and creative solutions for data dissemination.

What We Offer

Digital enhancement tactics: infographics, audio slides, podcasts, author videos, animation videos, video abstracts, graphical abstracts, interactive virtual booths
Strategic planning and execution of data dissemination and medical engagement by leveraging the power of digital media
Search-friendly interactive formats for scientific response documents
Multi-channel communication plans with a modular approach
Interactive MSL content in multiple formats: PPT, PDF, HTML
Interactive evidence and access decks, and dossiers
2D and 3D MOA videos
Medical education portals
e-Learning modules
Interactive payor tools

Our Capabilities

Strong content and innovation capabilities

Our team of digital strategists, data visualizers, graphics designers, web developers, and multichannel experts is passionate about communicating complex scientific data. They collaborate to develop an impactful strategy and convert scientific content into the right creative and digital tactics.

Strategy and execution

Our scientific and digital strategists will work with you to define a digital roadmap after considering stakeholder needs and internal objectives. The execution of your strategy will be supported by robust project management and delivery teams.

Repurposing of existing content

We believe in finding efficient ways of doing things and we have been working with several of our clients to repurpose their existing content. In addition to the obvious cost- and time-saving benefits, this allows them to customize content for different audiences and improve the impact of their assets/resources.