Information Services

Medical information strategies by Cactus Life Sciences
Medical Information strategies with innovation and visualization

Use innovation, technology, and visualization to ensure medical information strategy and content is streamlined and impactful.

We help communicate complex product knowledge effectively through fair and scientifically balanced scientific responses for patients, payors, and healthcare professionals leveraging relevant formats considering their preferences. We act as an extension of the client’s medical information teams and provide end-to-end support for content creation and dissemination. Most importantly, we help optimize and streamline existing scientific responses and move away from traditional text-based scientific responses to interactive digital formats that address what HCPs, patients, and payors really seek. We also leverage technology to bring in efficiencies in medical information content development.

What We Offer

Monitoring, tracking, and routing of response documents for approval
Localization and global template development and adoption
Innovation in medical information responses communication across channels
Response document authoring and curation
Medical information content strategy
Literature search
Content streamlining/optimization

Our capabilities

Scientific and domain expertise

Our writing team works with clients across therapeutic areas to create de novo letters and update existing content. We have hands-on experience with systems and databases like Veeva Vault, ZINC, Ovid, EMBASE, MEDLINE, Biosis, and QUOSA. This allows us to manage the process with minimum stakeholder involvement.

Efficiencies through operational excellence

We provide customized delivery models based on the objectives of our clients. Our workflows have helped clients streamline content, manage costs, and increase efficiencies.