Publication Services

Scientific Publication solutions by Cactus Life Sciences
Advance scientific publication by combining traditional and digital formats

Advance the publication of science by combining traditional and digital formats and adopting efficient workflows.

We work with authors, publishers, and sponsors during the publication process to understand their unique challenges and create tailored solutions for global and regional publication teams.

Our solutions are focused on operational efficiencies to allow teams to meet “more with less” and “value over volume” goals while ensuring high-quality publications; simplifying the complexities of disseminating scientific data via digital formats and adopting a more strategic and personalized yet cost effective approach to digital dissemination and medical engagement; and helping regional teams develop strategic publications while customizing workflows to address their specific needs and staying compliant with global SOPs.

What We Offer

Multichannel strategy and tactics (digital posters, infographics, video abstracts, author videos, etc.)
Primary and secondary manuscripts, narrative reviews, and systematic reviews
Global and regional publication strategy and plans
Scientific platform development and needs assessment
Abstracts, posters, oral presentations, and competitive intelligence
Advisory board/consensus meeting support
Congress support
Editorial and fact check support
DataVisionTM support
Translation support
Cost-effective digital solutions

Our Capabilities

Strong scientific acumen

We have an in-house team of experienced scientific directors, medical writers, and publication managers with advanced degrees (MDs/PhDs) and several years of industry experience to drive publication strategy, plan management, and execution of tactics. We also have one of the largest teams of certified medical publication professionals (CMPPs) and BELS-certified editorial staff.

Robust account and project management

The scientific team is supported by an experienced account management and project management team that ensures that all strategic communication plans and tactics are delivered on time and within budgets.

Global delivery model

Our global teams work across multiple time zones and help meet publication needs at the global and regional level. We are where the markets are.