How Patient Influencers can Amplify the Pharma Voice

patient influencers
Kshitij Naithani
Written by Kshitij Naithani

In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has been facing a significant credibility crisis. A perceived lack of transparency and trustworthiness have led to growing public skepticism toward the industry. As a result, pharma companies are struggling to connect meaningfully with the public and build positive relationships.

One possible solution to this issue is the involvement of patient influencers, who have gained significant traction in recent years as they provide a unique perspective and credibility. But what are patient influencers? And how can pharma collaborate with them meaningfully to help build trust in the industry?

Our latest infographic clears certain doubts prevailing in this space and provides answers to questions that the industry has about effectively partnering with patient influencers.

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Kshitij Naithani

Kshitij Naithani

Kshitij Naithani is Content Management Associate, Thought Leadership, at Cactus Life Sciences.

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